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From the President of BMA:

Thank you for taking the time to contact and visit our Tai-Chi internet website.  In today's fast paced world, Tai-Chi Chuan, general fitness, the Martial Arts, not excluding the Holistic Health industry, has grown considerably over the last thirty-five years.  This is one significant reason, we are sure you will enjoy reading the Tai-Chi Chuan/Holistic Health Exercise information, along with viewing the Tai-Chi and Meditation DVD products we offer.  Our sincere objective effort here at BMA, is to consciously help you improve your overall health, while adding longevity to your present active lifestyle.  No matter what age group you fit into; kids, teens, young adult or active senior, we have the right product for your needs. All BMA Tai-Chi DVD products contain easy to follow instruction for anyone to learn.

Please, take a few moments to browse through our website.  It will be a great opportunity for you to observe our posted web information, Tai-Chi articles and online DVD store.  Also, 'click' on the Tai-Chi Data Base link, to discover even more interesting and enlightening compositions on Tai-Chi History, Theory, Martial Arts and Alternative Health practices.  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us here at Barnett Martial Arts at your earliest convenience.  When purchasing our instructional DVDs, we stand behind our product with an 'unconditional money-back guarantee,' should you be dissatisfied at any time with your purchase.
Find peace in your heart and share it with others.  Again, thank you for visiting us.  We sincerely appreciate your business.
Best Wishes,
Herb R. Barnett
Barnett Martial Arts Association