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Barnett Martial Arts Association was originated in 1994 by Herb R. Barnett of Elgin, IL.  Mr. Barnett together, with six of his best advanced Tai-Chi Chuan students; thought-out, organized and established a well planned system of Tai-Chi, Meditation and Chi-Kung Breathing exercises, that could be taught to the common public. This would help any person toward better muscle/joint flexibility, overall physical health, relaxation, mental awareness, while adding the enhancement of the inner spirit and longevity to one's life.  In addition, instructional classes, seminars, and a lecture series were then offered to many Adult Education Programs at local colleges, Martial Art Schools, Health Clubs, Park Districts and Corporate Fitness Centers in the Chicagoland area and suburbs of Illinois, to further expose their objective ideas for any individual to receive a Tai-Chi Chuan education. 

Within the first year since the inception of Barnett Martial Arts Association, educational Tai-Chi classes began to manifest at many different locations which helped plant the seed needed, for the substantial success of the BMA organization.  Some of those clients being: Harper College, Elgin Community College, Schuamburg Park District, Friendship Retirement Village, Wheeling Park District, College of DuPage, Mt. Prospect Park District, The Aikido School of Arlington Hts., Ameritech Corporation (now SBC), Zurich Towers Health & Fitness, Barrington Park District, GE Capital & Electric Corporation, Wheaton Park District, and many other fitness and learning institutions. Benefiting many people to the internal understanding and the physical maneuvering techniques, in the art of Tai-Chi Chuan, Shuai Chiao, Chi-Kung, the skill of Self-defense, along with implementing 'The Yin and Yang Theory' and 'The Five Element Theory' in nature and the universe. 

Likewise, many published articles about Tai-Chi and BMA began to reach the public's eye, simulating much curiosity.  As they promoted and stated the positive health advantages of Tai-Chi and Chi-Kung exercise, as expressed by Herb Barnett and the BMA students.  For example publications in: The Chicago Tribune, Northshore Magazine, Chicago Sun-Times, The Daily Herald and The Roselle Press.  To this very day, Barnett Martial Arts Association, a business that has now been in existence for over 15 years, is still consulting, lecturing and teaching people Tai-Chi Chuan, in their local suburban communities of Chicago, IL.

At this time, Barnett Martial Arts would like to genuinely open its doors, to share their Tai-Chi knowledge, expand beyond the Chicagoland area into the privacy of your own home, by offering their BMA, Tai-Chi Chuan and Holistic Health Exercise DVD series.  Along with many other great Tai-Chi related products on this online store.  This now gives everyone nationwide, a greater chance to learn Tai-Chi from BMA.  To begin that marvelous journey toward a healthier physical body, better respiratory and blood circulation, an improved, more balanced - inward emotional and spiritual state - with achieving one's own 'peace of mind.'


More About Herb R. Barnett


Herb R. Barnett, was born in the year of 1954, in Los Angeles, California.  He attended Niles North High School in Skokie, IL and moved on after graduating to further his education at Roosevelt University (Chicago Musical College), in Chicago, IL as a percussion and music performance major.  Also, at the age of 16 years old, while showing an abundance of interest with researching the Martial Arts both in the external and internal systems, he made one of his many exceptional talents a reality by the age of 24; teaching the Chinese Martial Arts along with lecturing on Eastern Philosophy, Yin & Yang Theory, The Five Element Theory, and Nutrition to the general public. 

For over two decades starting in 1983, Herb Barnett, had worked as chief instructor of Tai-Chi Chuan at Harper College, College of DuPage, Elgin Community College and at many health clubs in Illinois, with also being president of Barnett Martial Arts & Fitness Association from 1994 to this present day.  Furthermore, Mr. Barnett owned, operated and taught Tai-Chi Chuan, Tai-Chi Sword, Shuai Chiao, Nutrition, Self-defense, Chi-Kung, etc., at his Martial Art school 'The Academy of Tai-Chi Chuan,' in Skokie, IL from 1979 to 1987.  Teaching students both in a class structure and/or privately, as well as sponsoring and promoting weekend Tai-Chi Chuan Martial Art/Meditation retreats yearly, to the Spring Green area of Wisconsin.  Today, Herb Barnett still teaches Tai-Chi Chuan and is a single father residing in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, IL.

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Mr. Barnett with the Shuai Chiao Association


Sifu, Herb Barnett with his Tai-Chi Students 




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