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Holistic Health Exercise Instructional DVDs


Improve your physical health, vitality, martial art training and add longevity to your present lifestyle, with this quality instructional Holistic Health Exercise DVD series.

Each DVD will help to enhance your physical strength, blood circulation, muscle/joint flexibility while balancing the respiration for better overall emotional harmony, relaxation and peace of mind.  An excellent training tool to supplement your martial art skills, meditation instruction or, your general daily health practices.

All BMA Holistic Health Exercise DVDs are produced, directed and instructed by Herb Barnett.

Easy To Follow Instruction For Any Age Group

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by November 15th, 2017

Currently our Six Healing Sounds Holistic Health DVD is being digitally re-mastered for

easier access to different practice sessions and lectures throughout this DVD disc.

 Each Single Holistic Health Exercise DVD

$21.95 plus $5.95 for Shipping & Handling


For All 4-Holistic Health Exercise DVDs

$68.95 plus $7.95 (all 4-DVDS) for Shipping & Handling

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Holistic Health DVDs - All 4 Discs * 4 Hours

$ 68.95 USD

Includes All 4 BMA Holistic Health DVDs Listed Below * 4 Hours of Instruction

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I guarantee you that my Holistic Health DVD Series will bring you to a condition of being physically and mentally sound.

"Your BMA Holistic Health DVDs are well presented with great information that anyone can practice in their daily life-style.  These instructional DVDs have been beneficial at easing stress, anxiety along with, improving my general health and mental awareness.  Thank you for introducing an awesome product."   J. S. from New Mexico

Easy To Comprehend Instruction by Herb Barnett

 The Northern Dipper Chi-Kung Exercises

Northern Dipper Chi-Kung DVD

$ 21.95 USD

DVD * 60 minutes

Elongation Exercises for all Muscles & Joints

Stretching the Sinews

Opening the Chi Meridians throughout the Body

Balancing the Breath & Chi Energy to Yin & Yang 


Muscle & Sinew Exercises 101 & 102 

Muscle & Sinew Exercise DVD

$ 21.95 USD

 DVD * 60 minutes

Basic to Advanced - Stretching Exercises

Breathing Techniques & Concentration Exercises

Improving Structural Balance to Earth's Gravity and

to the Yin & Yang Energy for Better Sinew Flexibility


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 Linkage Exercises for Tai-Chi Chuan

Linkage Exercise DVD

$ 21.95 USD

 DVD * 60 minutes

Improving Structural Alignment of Bones, Joints & Muscles

Balance Center of Gravity & Joint Manipulation Exercises

Breath Control & Chi Circulation

Helps Sinew & Muscle Flexibility Throughout Entire Body


The Six Healing Sounds Meditation 

Six Healing Sounds DVD

$ 21.95 USD

Pre-order for November, 2017: DVD * 60 minutes

Relaxation Exercises with Yin & Yang Theory

Balancing & Better Health for the Internal Organs

Converting Stress into Positive Productive Chi Energy

Improving Mental Concentration and the Mind's Memory