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Improve your physical health, mental alertness, respiration, muscle/joint flexibility and add longevity to your active lifestyle by studying 'Yang Style' Tai-Chi Chuan in your own home, with this DVD series from BMA.

All instructional BMA Tai-Chi DVDs are produced, directed and instructed by Herb Barnett. 

An excellent training tool for any age group from kids to seniors.

Easy To Follow Instruction

Each Single BMA Tai-Chi Chuan DVD

$21.95 plus $5.95 for Shipping & Handling

For All 4 BMA Tai-Chi Chuan DVDs

(complete DVD set includes: 101, 102, 103 & 104)

$68.95 plus $7.95 (all DVDs) for Shipping & Handling

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 Save on the complete BMA series: 'Yang Style Tai-Chi Chuan' 4-DVD Set

Only $68.95 plus $7.95 Shipping & Handling 

Tai-Chi Chuan DVD's - All 4 Discs * 6 Hours

$ 68.95 USD

Includes Tai-Chi Chuan Instructional DVDs - 101, 102, 103 & 104 * 6 Hours of Instruction

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When you purchase my DVD Series, I promise you thorough and superb instruction in the Art of Tai-Chi Chuan at a reasonable price.  

 "The Barnett Martial Art Tai-Chi Chuan DVDs I purchased, are far better than most others on the open market.  The reason being, is that all the instructional information is presented throughout four different DVD discs.  Instead of just an hour or so of instruction like most Tai-Chi DVDs, you offer 6 hours of exceptional Tai-Chi instructional knowledge.  It's hard learning just the Yang Style Long Form by itself.  With the BMA Tai-Chi Chuan DVD set, you provide more complete and in-depth instruction on many Single Tai-Chi Forms (both right & left sides), Warm-up Stretching Exercises, Breathing Techniques with Theory and of course, combining the Single Forms together in one continual dance within three sections, to conclude the 108 postures of the Yang Tai-Chi Long Form.  Much easier to comprehend, in order to physically follow each Tai-Chi movement.  Again, your four disc BMA Tai-Chi DVD set is considerably more thorough with its instruction.  Thank you!"    S. H. from Arizona


 Yang Style Tai-Chi Chuan 101

Tai-Chi Chuan DVD 101

$ 21.95 USD

DVD * 90 minutes

Basic Stretching Warm-ups

Muscle & Sinew Exercises

Fundamental Forms of Tai-Chi (Practice of Single Forms)

Grasp the Sparrow's Tail - The first 12 postures put together in one

continual dance

(right & left sides)



 Yang Style Tai-Chi Chuan 103

Tai-Chi Chuan DVD 103

$ 21.95 USD

DVD * 90 minutes

Intermediate Stretching Warm-ups

Intermediate Muscle & Sinew Exercises

2nd Section Individual Tai-Chi Chuan Forms

1st & 2nd Sections - Put together in one continual dance

(right & left sides)



Please Visit The Holistic Health DVD Page On This Website For Other Tai-Chi Chuan Related Exercise Systems.

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 Yang Style Tai-Chi Chuan 102

Tai-Chi Chuan DVD 102

$ 21.95 USD

DVD * 90 minutes

Intermediate Stretching Warm-ups

Muscle & Sinew Exercises

1st Section - Instruction of Individual Tai-Chi Chuan Forms

1st Section Forms - With Grasp the Sparrow's Tail (together in one

continual dance)

(right & left sides)



 Yang Style Tai-Chi Chuan 104

Tai-Chi Chuan DVD 104

$ 21.95 USD

DVD * 90 minutes

Advanced Stretching Warm-ups

Advanced Muscle & Sinew Exercises

3rd Section Individual Tai-Chi Chuan Forms

1st, 2nd & 3rd Sections - Put together in one continual dance

Complete Long Yang Style Tai-Chi Chuan Form


Chi-Kung Breathing, Linkage Exercises, Muscle & Sinew Exercises and The Six Healing Sounds DVDs Are On The Holistic Health DVD Page.

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