Barnett Martial Arts


Harper College's

Tai-Chi Chuan Demonstration


Produced, Directed & Hosted by Herb Barnett


This Tai-Chi Chuan Demonstration DVD was filmed live at

Harper College's Northeast Center, Prospect Hts., IL on May of 1995


Demonstration Includes:

Grasp the Sparrows Tail - 12 postures of Tai-Chi

 Tai-Chi Chuan Long Form - 'Yang Style'

Tai-Chi Chuan Sword

Paint Brush Form - Spiral Martial Art Dance

Tai-Chi Chuan & Shuai Chiao Self-defense Applications

Defense Techniques Against 'Kicking Attacks'

Knife Assault Self-defense Applications

3-Man Multiple Attack - Defense Sequence

(Copyright, 1997 * 63 minutes)


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Barnett Martial Arts

Tai-Chi Chuan Demonstration 


Hosted by Herb Barnett

Tai-Chi Demonstration DVD

$ 15.95 USD